Getting ready for baby #2!!

  There were so many things on our to-do list before our last appointment where we told that I am already dilated to a 3 and that kind of got us moving a little faster on our list.  We had to get new tires on my car, deep cleaned the entire house and started to organize and clean out Brielle’s room which will eventually be shared by both of the girls since we live in a two bedroom rent house. We also got our room ready for baby Rochelle to be with us for the first 6 months or so! 🙂
  I am officially packed for the hospital, I also packed Shane and Brielle bags as well so we will all be set for when the moment comes! I also cannot wait to give Brielle her big sister bag at the hospital after she meets her sister for the first time.  We are so excited! Hopefully she will stay cooking for as long as possible!
  We also set up an appointment for the dogs to get their heartworm testing and flea and tick medicine which is a also a huge expense all at once but I am so glad that they are taken care of for the next three months!  I also had decided to make last weekend the last week of my working for about 6 weeks or until I feel ready to go back. Let me tell you, I am savoring all the precious moments of just being us three before baby girl arrives!
  We also just now took our family pictures for the fall last weekend and I love how to they turned out, and when I get everything processed and transferred to my laptop I will be doing an update and post some of my favorites on there! Even though this is probably the biggest I have ever been, I have never felt so beautiful to be with Shane and Brielle in those pictures!  Can’t wait to show you all.

Changing table ready! 

Super cute bassinet we got from my cousin cara

Added on to the wall 🙂 

Painted her nails for the first time ever!  Pink with glitter!  So cute. 

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