36 week check-up!

Baby: 36 weeks and 5 days! Rochelle is now shedding most of the hair that has covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa that we will see at birth.  She is able to swallow that substance which will result in a black mixture called meconium which she will have in her first bowel movement post birth! We had an ultrasound today which showed that baby girl is weighing in around 5 pounds 10 oz. (the 18th percentile) and still has long legs and arms, and the only odd thing was that her abdomen was measuring at 33 weeks so the sonographer did some more extensive test to see what else could cause a small growth in the belly but they said everything came back normal.  My doctor stated that this sometimes happens when the baby stops growing overall which would result in an immediate delivery but since there are no other signs of slowed or delayed growth throughout her body he is going to continue to let me carry her as scheduled.

Mommy:  I am officially 3cm dilated and 50% effaced! Which means, I could have baby girl naturally sooner than expected without having to be induced! I have officially told both of my jobs that this is going to be my last week of working because as it is looking right now, we might be having her a couple of weeks early! My hospital bag has been packed and I take it with me even when I work in Austin, because at the end of the day you just we just never know when baby Rochelle wants to present herself to everyone!

Daddy: Has been cleaning and organizing with me like crazy lately trying to get our house and everything else in order before Rochelle makes her arrival.  Since today’s appointment I think Shane and I did the most cleaning we have done in a long time! So glad Daddy is able to take off work and be with me at every appointment and during the delivery and hopefully a couple of weeks after! He can’t wait to meet baby Rochelle as well!

Cravings: This last week it has been popcorn.  Not just any popcorn though, the popcorn from the Friday night football games.  I even called my sister in law when I didn’t go to the game to meet Shane at the front gate for some popcorn so I could have some that night while we caught up on our shows.  Crazy!

Brielle: Has been doing great with her independent play and just using her mind in so many different ways lately to put things together.  You can definitely tell this is a huge growth and learning period for her since she is interested in everything anyone is doing.  One of her favorite things to do is “ring around the rosie” and she can literally do that over and over again! Does anyone know how hard it is to keep getting up and down at almost 37 weeks pregnant?  lol! The things we do for our kids these days 🙂

Of course we celebrated another week down in the pregnancy by going to eat at Olive Garden and then went to Discount Tire to see which of my tires needed to be replaced since I have only had one flat time and replaced that since I got my vehicle and turns out after 40,000 miles all three of my tires needed to be so needless to say that was a huge unexpected expense but we are glad we did it before Rochelle came.  One less thing we have to check off of our never-ending to do lists! 🙂

Brielle at discount tire after the appointment!


I love this crazy pic of Brielle and Shane!


Her saying “cheese”  lol!


The back of her big sis hospital bag!


The front.  It’s all full now and ready to go!


Brielle at Nana and Grandpa’s house.


Nana,  Grandpa,  Aiden,  Emma and Brielle


My mom with her birthday balloon my brother got her 🙂  we love you mom!
Rochelle’s nose and lips! Definitely big like Brielles!


All of her beautiful face.


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