35 week check-up!!

Baby: 35 weeks and 4days at the day of the appointment! Her kidneys are now fully developed and her liver can now process some waste products! Yay for the small things.  Her heart rate was 133, the same as the weekend before at the 4D ultrasound.  Glad she is still sounding great!  Next week we will get to see another ultrasound of our beauty and the doctor will start doing weekly check-ups!

Mommy:  I have been feeling SO much pressure lately!  Some days I swear this girl is just going to fall out of me, lol! But my doctor will start to check me next week to see how far dilated and effaced I am, so we shall see! I am definitely the biggest I have EVER been in my life! Not sure if it’s because it’s my third pregnancy in three years, or what, but I am definitely dragging lately! Can’t wait to meet this precious girl in a little over 3 weeks!

Daddy: Still so amazing to me and Brielle.  He is helping me get everything ready on my off days and just doing what he can a lot of the time to help me.  (Especially since Brielle wants “up” so much lately!) Just having him around makes everything so much easier/better!

Cravings: Still sweet stuff, literally love me some sweet stuff! I really think I will not want another donut/ice cream after this pregnancy is done for a LONG time! It’s hilarious because I would never eat this before and now can’t go without it! Lol!

Brielle: Has this new thing where she tries to feel where Rochelle is on my stomach and will just wait for her to kick her! It’s so hilarious and is her daily ritual.  Just kissing my belly and hugging me makes this whole experience so much better! I can’t wait for her to meet her sister, good thing that she LOVES babies and kisses them like crazy!  I can’t wait to see how much she grows and matures over these next few months as well.  We love Brielle like crazy and are so blessed to be her parents!

Here are some fun adventures that we have been up to lately:

Eating at olive garden after a great doctor appointment 🙂 

Emma and Brielle at the jumpy house.  She doesn’t look too thrilled lol! 

Just casually relaxing on the slide. 

With Grandpa at our favorite breakfast spot: Dans! 

Brielle casually eating pancakes at Nana and grandpa’s house!  Love her morning hair. 

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