33 week check-up!

Baby: 33 weeks and 5days at the day of the appointment!  (Even though today we are technically 34 weeks!) Rochelle has been like rolling in my stomach lately I swear and it’s crazy to feel so much pressure (down there) at times.  She now has her own immune system, and since her amniotic fluid has maxed out this week and is starting to get thinner she can start seeing more light pass through differentiating between day and night!  Her heart rate was ranging in the 120’s-130’s and sounding great! I wish we did another sonogram to get her weight but she is supposedly gaining half a pound a week now.  My Doctor wants to schedule my induction for November 10th (a week early) and start with cervadil(used to thin the cervix) and then start pitocin after that and go slow to see how well Rochelle can tolerate labor.  We discussed our options again regarding my preferences during labor, what happens if a complication were to occur, and how the the NICU team felt about this pregnancy and how they will be there when I am giving birth.  I can’t believe in 5 weeks from today we will be meeting our baby girl for the first time, I cannot wait!

Mommy:  I enjoyed my MUCH needed week off from work and returned this past week at the nursing home and had a great weekend working there and then I am going to back to Austin for tomorrow and Wednesday so start my busy month of work there.  I get one full weekend off this month and I am definitely looking forward to that!

Daddy: Still doing amazing foot rubs every night I am home, and helping out a LOT around the house since I am having a harder time bending down and picking up stuff quick when there is a spill or what not from Brielle and cooking a lot more too.  Such a great husband and father to Brielle and he tells Rochelle every night that he cannot wait to meet his new precious girl.  Rochelle is hilarious and knows exactly when Shane touches my belly because she tries to do something funny or crazy inside of me to show off for Daddy!

Cravings: Still sweet stuff but I have calmed down a LOT.  I have been wanting apple juice a lot more lately these past two weeks but as for any other cravings I have not had a lot.  Oh and cereal for lunch a lot of the days now.

Brielle: We did her 15 month weight for my book that I keep all of her weights in and she is now 22 lb 10 oz.! And 29 1/2 inches long. She has been the same height for quite some time now.  We thought for sure she went through a growth spurt for a while eating a lot more then normal and waking up so much in the middle of the nights but nope.  She is now completely bottle free but refuses to drink milk out of a cup.  Absolutely refuses so I have gotten creative to sneak more calcium and vitamin D into her diet and add whole milk into anything that can have it during her meals.  She is talking SO much now and definitely acting like a toddler (temper tantrums, getting mad and trying to hit (which we have NO clue where she got this from), and wanting to do everything herself.  Love the joys of all the different stages she goes through and looking back it’s crazy to think  of how much we have been through with her in the past 15-16 months.  She is one amazing child.

She can now catch a ball!!!


Go longhorns!!


Emma and Brielle walking to the park


We love you Nana and grandpa!


Playing with her medical kit.


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    I can’t believe this was just a year ago when our precious Rochelle was kicking away in my belly! Oh, to the days that I could fully protect her inside me! Thank you God for protecting both her and Lamar.


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