Celebrating the little things.

  I have noticed this last week that I have been a little overwhelmed with the lack of sleep and just overall discomfort towards this time in the pregnancy (almost 33 weeks!!) and just trying to get everything in order. I realized that I have so much to celebrate at this moment in time that I really have to stay as positive as possible.
  First, I am celebrating my jobs, the same ones that I still have not come up with a good time to take maternity leave at (I am thinking the last week will be when I am 38 weeks). I love both in such different ways and I just truly appreciate having them both and I am so proud of what I do at both jobs.  Even though the bigger I get, seems to make some things a little more difficult, I find a way to to make it work.
  Brielle seems to be getting so much smarter everyday and it’s amazing to see how much she has grown into her own little toddler self throughout this pregnancy.  Even though there were a couple of days last week where her and I got very little sleep when I had to work some long hours in Austin, I wouldn’t trade those middle of the night precious moments for the world.  She is such a blessing to Shane and I and we are both so happy to just celebrate her being a happy and healthy girl and enjoy every day we get to spend with her.
  This pregnancy is something I celebrate with God daily.  Shane and I both pray for a healthy baby girl and we wish we knew what God has for us in our future, but we will soon find out in His time.  The miracles that we have read about all the Trisomy 13 babies that have survived, and all the struggles the families have gone through with the Doctors and the therapists to make sure their child lives a long happy life means the world to us.  We know how lucky we are to carry her every day and can’t wait to meet Rochelle!
  Shane and I are about to celebrate 4 years of being married next month and I can’t believe how much we have grown in our marriage, faith, and love in each other over these past years. No matter what we know we can always count on each other and that is what gets us through each and every day. So here is to celebrating a lifetime of anniversaries together!
  My family and friends are always worth celebrating as well.  Whether it’s a phone call just to vent, or a lunch meet up those people make living in this crazy world much easier. I love you all very much!

  When life gets hard or just plain overwhelming, just remember to always celebrate the little things.  Those are what matter the most in life! 🙂

Brielle had so much fun at Daddy’s company work dinner!
Shane and Aiden

Enjoying the day at the park! 

Daddy and Brielle

Cute Emma!! 

Brielle loves to eat!! 

She loves her some “chips” 

Brielle’s usual look at Emma lol! 

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