Week Full Of Love

  This past week was so much fun, yet so exhausting at the same time.  I only got to sleep in my own bed 3 times this past week but it was SO worth it! It was a week full of time spent well with my friends and family and a LOT of driving! 🙂
  It started out by going to our cardiologist appointment which went way better than we expected and then I decided to spend a little bit more time with my niece and nephew that day before heading home.  I love spending time with them, even with each child going through their own phases right now and at times it definitely gets hard to handle!  Then the next day was so relaxing at home I think the only time Brielle and I left the house was to grocery shopping.  It was definitely needed.  The next day we drove back to Lockhart so I could take my refresher CPR course in Austin (so good for ANYONE to take not just nurses!).
  The next day we were planning on going to visit Val and the girls and since I hadn’t seen baby Natalie since she was 1 week old, and now she was 2 months old, I would say a visit was definitely needed.  My mom came with me and it was a lot of fun (very busy with 6 kids total) but so glad we got to catch up on everything and love on their 3 gorgeous girls. I can’t believe Sara and Rachel are both in school already! Gosh time flies.
  Then our weekend was filled with mommy working a 3 day weekend celebrating Grandma Johnson’s 87th birthday at Shane’s parents house.  So much fun celebrating life and she has overcome so many obstacles in her life and is stronger today than I have seen her in a long time.  We all love her so much!

Hope everyone had a great week! Happy Labor Day! (oh and we all slept past 8 this morning, BEST gift ever)

Ian and Isaiah

One of Grandma’s cakes

Another cake!

Emma, Aiden and Brielle in the ball pit.

Baby Aiden is 6 months!

Emma and Aiden at the park

Part of Grandma’s prayer circle for her birthday dinner.

Brielle driving!
One of my favorite pictures of the weekend!

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