Early Birthday Celebration

  This past weekend was so much fun celebrating my birthday early and my best friend’s birthday a little later with all of our closest friends and family! It’s so crazy how we realize how little of people we really have to close us since we have gotten older and value friendships so differently, some have  been over 10+ years! Thank you to our best friends who have continuously been there for us through thick and thin and I know this year is going to be amazing!

  One important thing that had to happen this month was to see my step-dad David and Pop.  We haven’t seen them in a couple of months and my mom and I love to take Brielle with us to visit at least once a month to see how everything is going.  David’s health changes everyday, but he stays so strong and keeps busy as much as he can and it makes me so happy to see him fight so much to live everyday to the fullest! My mom and I were babysitting my niece and nephew so it was a whirlwind driving with all three in my rav4, but at least we know we can now fit everyone in the back row! 🙂 At one point on the drive to Seguin, all three kids were crying in the back and before we got on the highway I said a prayer to please calm all of the kids and let us have a smooth drive and thank goodness after a couple of minutes, all three kids were knocked out in the back seat!   I love spending time with David and Pop and hope to see them soon again! The kids had fun as well so that made the trip well worth it 🙂
  Saturday I worked in Austin and Brielle sleeps crazy when we are at my moms and woke up at like 4:45AM of course I fed her a bottle, changed her and put her back to sleep.  Since my alarm is at 530A on my workdays I just decided to get up and get ready knowing it was going to be a long day since I get off at 7pm.  My patients family decided to take me out to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate me being with them for a year and it was so much fun and I am so thankful I have this job in Austin.  
  Sunday was the birthday celebration day and Shane came up in the early afternoon and went to meet up with Adriane, Lauren, and Krystle at the nail salon to get manicures and pedicures and it was so worth the 30 minute wait and we all had a good time! Shane just sat there and waited patiently for all of us to get done (such a sweet hubby!) and then we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and it was uh-mazing to say the least! We haven’t been there in over a year and decided that would be a good place to go to so our friends Carli, Rigo, and George came up from Yoakum and met us there which was so much fun to catch up with everyone and just laugh and have a good time.  (Child free!) 🙂 We walked around the arboretum after dinner since we were all SO full and took some really cute pictures and then went bowling as a group before heading home.  Since Brielle had a late nap with my mom she was actually up when we got home so we got to put her to sleep (Double yay!)
Here are a few pictures from the weekend! I will be blogging about our cardiologist appointment that happened yesterday and let everyone know the results of baby Rochelle!
Mommy, Daddy and Brielle before dinner!

Cheesecake Factory amazing desserts!

Brielle up late with my mom!

My mom, Aiden, Emma, Brielle, Me and David

Our gorgeous baby girl before heading to breakfast!

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