It’s all about love.

  Just thinking about this past week has got me so happy both on the inside and out. Shane’s older brother Shon, that lives in Chicago, only comes down once a year and wanted one last hoo-rah on a Thursday before we left back to go home.  His brother wanted to go to the coast and since Shane and I have not made time for it in so long, we definitely were excited to go!
  We went to Port Lavaca and played on the beach area for a while and then did some fishing for about 3-4 hours and since it wasn’t really the time to be going we didn’t catch any fish! lol We had so much fun just being together the two of us (thanks to my parents for watching Brielle overnight so we could go) and we cannot wait to go again! 🙂 Next time we are definitely spending the night so we can fish all night.
  The next day was time for me to go to Lockhart to spend time with my niece and nephew who came back from California with my sis-in-law and I was in awe of how much they both have grown up in the past couple of months.  I missed them so much and Brielle is so cute saying Emma and Aiden all the time.  It is so adorable to see family loving on each other.  Aiden is now 5 months old and Brielle loves having a baby around (kissing him ALL the time!) Brielle wasn’t going to spend time with them this weekend since it was her first weekend alone with Daddy in a LONG time (usually shane works overtime but this weekend he wanted her all to himself) and their bond is so precious!!
  This weekend I worked in Austin and got to attend my first spanish speaking service with my patient and her family and you could just tell the Lord was speaking good messages through the pastor (even though I really didn’t understand majority of the message I loved seeing him so moved by what God was telling him to speak to us).  The mom of my patient later told me it was message about waiting on miracles to happen, and even though people tell you that something may or may not happen, they happen every day and God will provide the miracle for you when he is ready.  She truly felt like it was message I definitely needed to hear and I completely agree!
  Today is such an amazing day.  My brother turns 27 and I can’t wait to see him again, it’s definitely been TOO long and my friend Courtney welcomed her new baby Declan Daniel Ibarra this morning which he is SO cute and adorable and I can’t wait to him as well! 🙂 Also today marks the 25th week of my pregnancy and we have another appointment with our regular doctor today which will hopefully be another sonogram and just measurements to see how she is growing! We love seeing our new baby girl and it’s been 3 long weeks without an appointment which is crazy rare for us and we are definitely ready to see her again! Will update you all tomorrow with how she’s doing!
 Hope everyone has a fabulous monday! Spread some love today! 🙂

24 weeks!

Me and my love.

Brielle in the ball pit at Nana and Grandpa’s house!

Hiding her juice while playing with Nana

She loves exploring outside.
Brielle giving baby A kisses!

Emma in Brielle’s birthday chair!

Emma, Bri, and Aiden. So cute!!

Baby in a bag! 🙂

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