Saying No

  This past month has brought a lot of new and different changes in my life.  I had a lot of great opportunities to look forward to with a new job, and the potential moving up in the current position at one of my jobs by going to training.  I was trying to juggle how everything would work out with 3 jobs instead of my two that I already have and I just knew I could make it work. The new job was perfect location (in my moms home town so that I wouldn’t have to drive so far to work) and I could be right there and spend more time with Brielle on days that I work than I am currently able to.  Everything seemed like it would all work out, but I am so glad that it did not.
  I was so excited to go into training for the new job and start something different, until they told me that the patient that I was hoping to work with was no longer available for a full-time nurse in the area that my mom lives at and I was heart-broken! I knew that it was the end of the new job for me at that moment, I just didn’t know how to tell them no I wasn’t going to take the job.  I called Shane after training to discuss the events, and we prayed that God would let give me the strength to do something that I have never done before with confidence.  I called the company that next day, and let them know I was no longer going to work for them.  They were so sad and said that they could make it work, but I knew in my heart that everything happens for a reason and that just wasn’t the right time to start another job.
  It was about a week later that I had to do some homework for my training that I was attending, and my boss sat down and discussed with me that even though I was the only part-time employee attending the training they knew I could do this job, and wanted me to put more effort and more of my own time in to learning new skills and further my training.  I knew she was right, but right now my off time is my only time to spend at home with Shane and Brielle and I just couldn’t give up more of that precious time to go up to my facility for who knows how long multiple times a week to learn what all I needed to learn.  I just felt like everything was weighing on me and my family to continue to job training knowing that it might be good for us in the future.  After many late night conversations about what I should do, it ultimately came down that yes the training would be great for any leadership positions, and learning more about my facility would have been great but the job position they were wanting me to do was just not what I saw in my future or my family’s.  It required us potentially picking up everything and moving just to get started, a lot of stress, and a lot of time that I knew (especially with this pregnancy and my baby) that I just couldn’t fully commit to.  After calling and telling my boss that I am no longer going to continue with training (and sticking with my no even after a lot of attempts to convince me to stay) I felt SUCH a relief and knew that I made the right decision.
  Let me tell you, I have never been SO happy, content, satisfied with my choices and the way that I am living my life and working with my husband to support our family.  If you ever have any doubts, fears, or questions with how your life is going and you are afraid to say no, just think “is this really what I want to be doing long-term”? I feel so much better knowing that I can stand up for myself and my family and it will definitely help me with important decisions coming up in our life! 🙂

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