18 week check-up (6/17/14)

Baby: 18 weeks old! Baby is the size of a mango (6 in., .5 pounds) The heartbeat is 153 bpm and sounding great! This appointment was at our specialist in San Antonio due to some blood testing results coming back saying that our baby has Trisomy 13.  We went to get an ultrasound of the baby and the sonographer stated that she didn’t see any abnormalities but when the doctor came in to do the exam of the baby she stated that she only saw one artery and one vein and not two arteries and also that the she might have a small hole in her heart but we don’t know if that’s conclusive yet until we get out amniocentesis results in 10-12 days.  Usually with Trisomy 13 babies they have a LOT more problems with the brain, the kidneys, the lungs, every organ practically so Shane and I are staying positive that this is just a false reading and we will see what the results say in 12 days.  Staying positive is so important right now and we are leaving it up to God to bless us with this baby and we believe we will fight for this baby as long as God allows us to.

Mommy: Very anxious waiting for the results but staying positive and enjoying my days to the fullest with Brielle before I start a new job next month! I am finally getting back to my workout routine since I have more then two days actually in the same place, excited to go.

Daddy: Has been taking all of these results from the doctor’s in such a good way.  He doesn’t start getting negative like the doctor’s expect and always asks as many questions as he needs and I am usually writing everything down. I love everything about his strength and courage throughout this process.

Cravings: These past two weeks I have been wanting popcorn all the time.  My mom ordered some for Brielle’s party and that just gave me a craving fix for a while.  It’s funny because I really can’t tolerate a lot of corn but I seriously love it right now–even if I get sick after lol.

Brielle: At her party I was holding a baby and for the first time she actually went and pretended to give her a kiss and BIT her on her cheek.  I couldn’t believe that she did because she is always hugging and kissing all the little kids around her.  Maybe she felt like mommy was getting a bit to close to another kid. (Uh-Oh)

Here are a couple of pictures, not that good but we got a DVD and cannot wait to watch it again which we probably will tonight.  We picked her name so we cannot wait to tell everyone! 🙂

It’s a GIRL!!

Side profile of her gorgeous little self!

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