Summer Days

  I have taken some time off to just relax and get to enjoy being home for more than just a couple of days and let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! I wish we could afford to do this more often, it’s hilarious that most people get to go on these glorious vacations which is so good, don’t get me wrong; my vacation is just going home and being with Shane, and Brielle and I love every minute of it!
  It’s so funny how much our child LOVES to be outside.  Seriously, any time she is fussy or complaining or anything if we just take her outside for a breather she is in Brielle heaven.  She loves to play with the cat, and the dogs outside (throw balls/sticks) and just find anything and everything interesting.  It’s so good to get at least 15+ minutes a day outside for some good Vitamin D but we tried taking her to the park for the first time since she has been older and she did NOT want to leave our arms! She started crying when we put her on the child play set to interact with other kids or to try to go down the slide. Looks like we have to go more often then once in a blue moon.
  What is also interesting is all the new foods she is trying being around all of our family here like different Popsicles and ice cream flavors, and of course sno-cone flavors.  She is in baby heaven with all of the desserts/goodies she has been able to taste! What I find interesting is that certain foods she will take a BIG bite out of, pretty much stating to us that she loves it and other foods you can’t even tell where her bite is that she took.
  I also went to a gym class for the first time in a couple of months, I love to go for my sake but also for Brielle to be around other little kids around her age or older and they said she did great.  I always love that when I come to pick her up, she is always in someone’s lap.  It’s hilarious because at home she doesn’t like to sit down much since there is so much to get into these days! 🙂
  I am going to enjoy this week to the fullest before having to work this weekend and I am going to go to our regular MD for a check-up tomorrow so we can’t wait!

Daddy going down the slide with Bri!

We were trying to convince her that slides were fun, she didn’t buy it! 🙂

Getting into everything! 

She started picking up her toys and putting them back in the bag without me asking her to! Precious.

She had a bad rash that apparently was from her one year vaccines- side effects- and now it’s all cleared up! 

Playing outside at Granny and Paw-paw’s house. 

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