Brielle turns ONE!

  I cannot believe I am posting this referring to my baby as a 1 year old! I am so glad she had so much fun and I hope all these pictures describes as much fun as we all had.  This all took place at my parents house in Lockhart, Texas which was the midpoint between pretty much every directions all of our family and friends were coming from.  It was so perfect, and it was great to celebrate my parents also purchasing their house just 4 months ago!
  Our theme was pink and gold, which was not the easiest combination of colors to find with invitations, table decorations, etc but I was so happy with how it all turned out.  We really started planning hard on everything about a month before the party and kind of just wrote down all of our activities, decorations, food, and about how many guests we thought were coming. Cards were given about 3 months in advance, just because I know with my jobs I need at least 2 weeks-1 month in advance to get off and I know many people would also be like that as well.
  For the food we started planning just finger foods only, due to kids being kids and going to make a mess so we wanted it to be as easy as possible for everyone involved.  The choices were sausage rolls, fruit platter, veggie platter, and meat and cheese platter.  For the desserts there were cake pops, different colored and flavor popcorn, snocones, and Brielle’s gorgeous cake.  It was definitely enough for everyone that attended and I think we even had left over fruit and veggies to last us a few days later which was a great snack to bring to lunch at work! 🙂
  For the decorations I wanted just a few pieces, and not go overboard.  I got a chalkboard looking poster made digitally from etsy and bought a frame for the poster and it was all about Brielle, from her likes and dislikes to her first word and her favorite food.  It was so cute! That was the center piece on the wall in the living room with a happy 1st birthday banner on top her monthly photos on the bottom.  It looked great on the wall. I also hung up all of her firsts on a pink ribbon in the kids playroom.  (extra diaper from hospital, first shirt, socks, etc).  We also did a balloon arch which had it’s ups and downs with the weather but it looked great and that was made with helium balloons outside in the front yard tied in between two trees. We did some minor extra accessories like the welcome table with the book that they sign, and a welcome sign on the outside of the front door. It was so cute and I am so glad and thankful with my parents help and a grouchy baby that morning that we made it all work!

Everyone enjoyed food, activities, and the reveal that we were pregnant with a girl with a lot of shock involved.  I truly will never forget it (even though she won’t remember–the day was solely focused on her and everyone showed her so much love my heart was full!)

Thank you again for everyone that came a little early to help set up and left a little later to clean everything up.  It truly meant a lot to both Shane and I and we greatly appreciate it! 🙂 So here are some pictures of the eventful time. Enjoy.

Our welcome table

one of the kids play areas

Cake balls

Her amazing birthday cake

Her monthly pictures

Colored popcorn

More decorations

Food table

Such a cute little pinata

Me and Lauren!

The kids trying to break open the pinata!

Brielle not sure about sitting on the counter top

Looking at something!

Val and Bri

My handsome hubby

More decorations 🙂

Annie and Bri

Opening her gifts

Ethan trying to help Brielle.

After her smash cake 🙂
Can’t believe she is 1! Can’t wait for many more birthdays to come 🙂

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