16 week check-up (6/6/14)

Baby: 16 weeks old! Baby is the size of a avocado (4.3 to 4.7 inches)! The heartbeat is 158 bpm and sounding great! During this ultrasound Brielle was so upset when our Doctor wanted to hear the heartbeat of the baby.  Shane had to take her outside once again of the appointment, I am guessing she thinks she is the only one that gets to kiss my belly and no one else can touch it, how funny.

Mommy: I have been working extra to have more savings and buy some extra stuff for my Brielle’s 1st birthday party and I can’t wait to have all of next week off to prepare for it!

Daddy: Has been so patient and calm with everything going on, with me working away more days this month then usual, but has been so great and helpful when I am home.  Loves to spend just daddy daughter time with Brielle any time he can which makes me love him so much more!

Cravings: This month has been all of the place but I seriously have been wanting salads and a LOT of water lately which is great.

Brielle: She continues to kiss and hug the baby and loves to hear the word “baby” and see them on the TV or in person.  She loves them as long as mommy isn’t holding them.  Mommy’s girl you may ask? OH YES! I still love that she chooses me over mostly everyone.  It may sound selfish but I am seriously soaking up every moment with her before she meets her baby sister!

Yes, you read that right, IT’S A GIRL!

We can’t wait for our next ultrasound! Love to see this baby grow 🙂

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