12 months!

ONE YEAR!!! Oh yes, we made it to celebrate our baby girl turning 1! How amazing that we got to see baby girl grow into such an amazing little kid, attitude and all! 🙂 She doesn’t know yet, but she is so happy to be able to see her family and friends all celebrating her special day.

Height: 30 inches

Weight: 20lb 13oz. (yay!)

-She honestly loves food and will still try a lot of new foods.
-She still likes to feed herself most of the time, and when it’s hot and we blow on it she will let us feed it to her.
-Her wubbanub ahd 2 other paci”s are her nap time/bedtime routine.
-Loves playing peek-a-boo everywhere.
-LOVES to dance!! Her little booty shaking is the cutest!
-To play with others.  She has started to say “up” to strangers now and wants them to pick her up haha.
-She still loves books and the pictures in them.
-Her favorite pet is still our cat Oscar.  When she tries to say his name it’s adorable!
-Phones are still her favorite thing and loves to be involved with every conversation.
-This girl loves to talk.

– Car Rides
– Changing diapers/clothes
– Still likes to clear everything off of everything.
– Being told “no”.
-Headbands and bows.

Teeth: 8 teeth! Starting this week to drool all over again which hasn’t happened in forever so we suspect more teeth are soon approaching.

Signing- She has slowly been backing up on her signs and says the word for the sign instead of doing both.  I have been slacking as well so I am hoping to get back on the signing train as well
Words- Mama, Daddy, Baby, All done, Pa-Pa, Nanny(for her Nana), Stop, No-No, Book., Open, GO!, Mine, Up, Uh-Oh, Emma, Dog, Oscar, Door,  Mine and MANY more.  This child loves to talk.
Understanding- Mostly everything she understands, and if not re-wording it usually helps.

Here is our precious baby girl:

Being cute!

Love this girl to pieces!

“mama” she got really excited

HATES bow and headbands right now.

WILD hair! 🙂

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