5 helpful phrases

  As I was at Joel Osteen’s night of Hope, of course I was in my seat taking notes the whole time.  That is pretty much me with any presentation I attend, I don’t have the best long term memory so this helps me remember what amazing things were said.
  I wrote down some phrases that were said both by Joel and Victoria Osteen that I figured I could share with you guys and hopefully help you as much as they help me.
  1)  Don’t bring baggage into your next relationship- forgive yourself for the past and move forward
  This is so important so that you can start your next relationship with a healthy start and not so much extra baggage from the past holding you back to being your true self.  I didn’t really have much baggage when I started dating Shane at 16, but my past from my Dad always stuck with me and I am so glad God put Shane in my life to show me that a man can truly be there for you and make you feel special all the time.

  2) Everyone has a box of blessings they never claim.
  Joel and Victoria say that so many of us pass away and leave the box of unclaimed blessings left that go unopened.  They both stated that it could be a box of forgiveness, or strength, or that baby that you stopped praying for and gave up on trying, it could be anything.  We all strive to the be the best we can be but start getting stuck in a rut.  Maybe just trying something completely new and different, or your favorite activity and starting a business would be part of your box of blessings. 🙂

  3) You don’t have to pray about something you already have.
  I actually caught myself doing this just the morning before we attended this event.  I asked God to give me the strength and patience to go through something in my life that I was struggling with and I know I already have that and I just wanted reassurance from him.  It’s just a reminder that prayer is such a powerful thing!

  4)  You first have to believe it, then you will see it.
  This is reminds me that we have to have a positive vision for our life, our future, and our families.  It’s so easy to say, “I want a new job” but do you really see yourself working there and succeeding or do you think that you won’t be good at learning something new and have a lot of self doubt? We all have to be positive, know that we can do something and we will succeed.

  5)  Every day is a gift from God.
  This phrase is so powerful and I know sometimes I get worked up with life and stress or everything going on (look at my yesterday’s post), but it’s so important to know that truly every single day matters.  I see it so much in my line of work that people don’t start truly living until they are diagnosed with an illness and the Dr. states that they only have so much time to live. If we live everyday like it’s our last then we will have no regrets when God calls us to be with him.

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