I am so excited that Brielle is finally turning one this Saturday and I can’t wait but party planning definitely gets stressful at times.  Thank you so much to my parents who have kept me sane throughout this planning and helping me as much as possible this last month. 🙂
  I have also picked up extra shifts at both of my jobs so this past week just having two days off in two different cities and being away from Shane was quite the work and on little sleep having to drive so much has worn.me.out.  Thank goodness for this week to relax, go to a job interview, and enjoy this week to the fullest.
  Brielle has also gone through this stage of biting lately.  Seriously when she doesn’t get her way she tries to bite something, or at least makes the sounds and motions to go with her actions and doesn’t really complete it most of the time.  Not sure if this is just a phase or if there is something that I could help her to find another way to release her anger of not getting what she wants all the time.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  I just can’t believe all the ups and downs that have happened over this last year with Brielle and I wait to see how she grows and develops throughout this year.  I can’t believe she is no longer a baby! Seriously people, time does fly so cherish the good, the bad and everything in the middle with your children.

  Here are a few pics of our little miss who is 51 weeks now!:)

So happy mommy is home from a long work day! So happy I get to put her to bed every work night!

Brielle getting all the bowls out of my parents kitchen and replacing them with her balls 🙂

Saying “up” to my mom, and when she said no she tried to bite the cart lol

Sitting on top of the table before the food came at the restaurant
Doing the same at Olive Garden

After crying for 20 straight minutes in the car. She still HATES it! Max drive 30 minutes.

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