Monday’s Memories

  So this past week was definitely busy to say the least.  I usually come up to Lockhart the night before my work day in Austin to make sure Brielle has to some time to play with my parents, we can run errands and I have time to make my breakfast/lunch for the next day.   I usually come in the afternoons to have enough time to relax as well before I embark on my 12 hour shifts.
  When I work in Austin I LOVE getting pictures from my parents throughout the day of baby girl and all of their adventures they go on, and it definitely makes my days at work go by faster.  I am hoping to find something soon closer to my parents to work as my second job since they are the ones who keep Brielle while I work and make it more convenient for me to spend as much time with her as possible and not have to make a long drive to or from work.  (Prayers would definitely be nice).
  Friday at 7pm I was beyond excited to start my weekend away with my best friends to celebrate Shane turning 27! It’s so amazing to think that I met him when he was just 18 and now 9 years later I continue to thank God for putting such an amazing, thoughtful, and caring husband and father into my life.  So this weekend was definitely about celebrating another year of being alive and being with those we love.
  We got to Adriane’s Ranch House in the small down of Dilley, Tx pretty late and just enjoyed being together that night, playing card games and just hanging out.  The second day we went on a gorgeous walk with beautiful scenery later in the day while the men cooked us food on the grill which was amazing and staying up late talking and playing games, riding on the 4 wheeler around the country grounds, and just overall enjoying every moment for what it was.  On the 3rd day was already time to leave so we hung out in the morning and went on another walk in the HOT heat (yes, my idea) but it was good to just be able to take one last journey outside before we had to start cleaning up, packing up, and heading out.
  Shane said that he had “such a fun weekend,” and to me that is definitely a success and I am so grateful that my parents were able to watch Brielle for an extra couple of days so we can have and enjoy this little weekend getaway.  🙂 Can’t wait to go back again, and I REALLY wish I would have taken more pictures of everything but I was just soaking in the moments and relaxing.  I am so ready to enjoy this day off before my work week begins.
  P.S Brielle will be one in 12 days, that’s CRAZY! 🙂  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

Gorgeous country view

Me and Lauren

Brielle playing hide and go seek

Mike and Brielle searching for birds

blurry but cute picture of Brielle 🙂

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