Oh, you read that right! We have us a little walker on our hands! She can officially take 10 steps in a row which is amazing without falling!! I am just so amazed and shocked that this little human being is now walking! Where did all the time go?
  I remember the first time she held her head up, to being able to sit up, crawl, stand, and now walk!! And only 11 months old! When I was a nanny neither one of the two kids started to walk before their first birthday, I just assumed most kids did that.  Well, not my determined little bundle of joy! Brielle loves to do things fast, and will keep trying until she conquers an obstacle!
  Both our parents (mine and Shane’s) don’t remember when we started to take our first steps, so there is not much comparison to use for Brielle, but we can say that majority of her cousins in the Johnson side of the family start walking around 9-11 months which is crazy early if you ask me!
  I have pretty much captured every one of her “firsts” and I truly appreciate the technology that we have these days! I want Brielle to have the ability to look back at all of these precious moments and share them with her children one day.  I just wish I had a really nice camera to take all these wonderful pictures and get them printed well so I can add them to her photo album. 🙂
  With walking comes some other unfortunate events.  Brielle definitely had her first “big” fall outside where she was holding a stick and fell to the side causing the stick to hit her in the face and leave two wounds.  Then she scraped her elbow, knee and ankle.  Not good at all but I am guessing this is what comes with her new found territory! 😦 I know all kids heal, but it’s so sad to see scrapes all over her, and hearing that screeching cry doesn’t help at all! (I don’t hear it often, which is good).

Here are some pictures for the week! 🙂 I love my daughter so much, God is so good to us!

concentrating really hard on eating chips

putting stickers back on the wall


my two loves

getting into something

so precious!!


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