11 months!!

Wow, in one month my baby girl will be turning 1!! Where the heck has time gone?? I seriously can’t believe she is into all 12 month clothes and now 18 month jammies due to her long feet, arms and legs! Brielle is into trying everything thesedays and loving each and every new experience she has.

Height: 29 1/2 inches

Weight: 20lb 1oz. (yay!)

-Food is still one of her favorite things about the day.  I definitely think she gets the snacking all day thing from me (or my mom) 😉 but she honestly loves food and will still try a lot of new foods.
-She is ALL about feeding herself now.  Only certain times where it’s going to be a huge mess will she let us feed her.
-Her wubbanub still takes top priority with her during her nap times and bed time.
-Loves playing peek-a-boo around the corner of walls now.
-LOVES to dance!!
-To play with others.  She is great with independent play but loves with others are around.
-To open her books and pretend to read (she talks a lot to her books).
-For others to sing to her (she lovessss music)
-Our cat Oscar.  Seriously her favorite pet in the world.  She has never smiled so much around another animal.
-Phones.  She thinks every phone call Shane or I make should involve her, and sometimes she will reply back but mostly she just sits there smiling at the phone and listening to what the person is saying.
-Our last go-to resort to calm her down is still playing the song “Old Macdonald”.

– STILL hates car rides! Please pray for us for this next month with a lot driving coming up with me picking up more shifts in Austin.
– Sitting in her high chair once she is done eating.
– Things sticking to her hands.
– Having anything on the surface of tables, couches, anything.  She has this itch to knock every.single.thing off. Things have to be free of clutter in Brielle’s world.
– When someone takes away something she is not suppose to have (She is in this biting stage right now since her teeth hurt so bad I am assuming and will try to bite whoever it is that is making her mad).

Teeth: 5 teeth! 3 teeth coming in this week so there has been a LOT of teething and biting on things/people.

Signing- Definitely is signing more, dog, trying to teach her please and thank you this week, but she has been so stubborn with signing back to us (she just does this cute smile when I ask her to sign things she already knows)
Words- Mama, Daddy, Baby, All done, Pa-Pa, Nanny(for her Nana), Stop, No-No, Book., Open, GO!, Mine, Up, Uh-Oh
Understanding- I really think she understands about 90% of the things that we say to her and whether or not she responds to what we say is a whole different story.  She is hilarious and stubborn and will do things when she gets around to it. Points at everything she is wanting and she will try to verbalize it as well 🙂

Rockin’ her new shoes while eating her snack

Where’s Brielle?

Did not enjoy this photo session

11 Months

She is looking like “mom are you finished yet?” lol!

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