Ways To Increase Happiness

  As I was watching the show the Doctor’s this morning while Brielle was napping I found a few of the tips very interesting that could change anyone’s negative attitude and turn it around into a positive one.  I TRY to be very positive most of the time, but I can tell when I get around others who are always constantly complaining and saying negative things that I tend to eventually go that way during the conversation. Not good at all on my part.  But I wanted to share 3 different things that could make you happy today! 🙂

 1) Find something to be grateful for.  Sounds easy enough right?  Well the thing is that it could even be something small like being able to sleep in today, or being so thankful that college is done with for the semester.  Either way, big or small, there is always something to be grateful for.

2)  Do something nice for others.  Just maybe a simple phone call to a friend that you haven’t talked to in forever would make their day, or volunteering at a local organization and helping others out.  Helping out other people, makes you feel so much better inside knowing that you may have just made their day by doing a good deed for them.  It could even involve doing something nice a work (in the nursing world it would be going above and beyond with a patient or resident and making sure they have what they need and help them out any way possible.)

3) Try something new.  This could involve something that you have wanted to check off your bucket-list for quite some time now that you just haven’t gotten around to–just do it.  You may also want to finally venture out and do a hobby that you have been dying to try and just don’t know where to start.  We all have to start somewhere in life in anything that we do–and usually there are people out there who wouldn’t mind lending a hand to help you get started.

Happiness is contagious and any way that you change your outlook for the day, would benefit yourself as well as anyone around you.  Do this for you.

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