Swimming In Grace

  I had the honor of attending the Thrive Moms retreat for the first time this year where a lot of women(mostly moms) get together and talk about the Lord.  What a better way to spend my morning then just watching TV and hanging out.  I did not get the chance to listen to the entire session online due to having to attend a birthday celebration but I sure did enjoy the 2 hours that I did get to listen to.

  The ladies from Thrive Moms (you can find them here) first introduced themselves and then the first guest speaker Jessi Connolly (@naptimediaries) spoke about swimming with grace and her struggles from becoming a pastor’s wife to becoming a mom for the first time(X4) with each pregnancy being so back to back.  She truly inspired me to become a better mom and to reassure me that it’s ok to make mistakes as a parent and that finding peace with everything we do for our children is so important.
  Jessi started speaking on Psalm 32: 7-8 where David is talking to the Lord  and he states “you are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”  I definitely have had to find my hiding place away from everything that’s going on (even if it’s in my room putting laundry away) to speak to the Lord for a few minutes and really try to focus on the moment that I am in with Him.
  The next verse states “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”  This is so true in so many ways,  if we all just reach and speak to the Lord when we are going through something difficult, or even when we are going through positive things; it’s all about swimming in grace with the Lord.
  I definitely think everyone could benefit from the retreat (mom or not) and just listen to these remarkable ladies who are quite similar to each and every one of us just going through life with the help of the Lord, and how he has changed and made such an impact on each and every one of them! I can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Thrive Moms for throwing such an amazing retreat!

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