Lefty Lucy or Righty Tighty?

  From the moment Brielle started grabbing at her toys she has always grabbed them with her left hand.  I used to think that she would change over time but it looks like we have a lefty on our hands!! It’s crazy because most of the time if she can’t pick something up after a few times she will just go ahead and use her right hand.
  I am hoping that she is more ambidextrous which would definitely make her life way easier! When she is eating she likes to have something in both of her hands which is so funny because my niece did the exact same thing for so long!
  It’s crazy because statistics shows that only 10% of people in the world are left-handed.  Which is not that common at all! I am so glad that they are making it more easy now to have options such as scissors, baseball bats, gloves, etc. for both hands.
  Even though the studies show that children truly don’t show their hand dominance until about 2 to 3 years old, I seriously cannot wait to see which hand will she choose!

Picking up the sticks in the yard

Eating goldfish with both hands but feeding herself with her left(look at that FULL belly lol!)
Trying to hand me something 🙂

Of course trying to put toys in her mouth

 I just wanted to know when most people figured out their children’s hand dominance?? I just love thinking that she may be part of the 10% and be a lefty!

One thought on “Lefty Lucy or Righty Tighty?

  1. GO BRIELLE! Uncle Rodney, Addi, James, and I are all LEFTIES TOO 😉 (I wonder how accurate those statistics are seeing as teachers forced students to be right handed until quite recently in history…..I think they should redo that one with op ur young generations and see if it is still so)


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