This past week off was AMAZING to say the least, I literally enjoyed every.single.moment! I have taken time off of working in Austin and go back the 16th, but this time with Brielle is the most relaxing time I have had in a long time.
  My mom decided she would watch Brielle Monday night since she had my niece Emma and I was reluctant to say yes, but I know in my heart it’s good to spend time away from Shane and I with her in good hands and spend time with her cousin that she doesn’t get to see often..  It was so cute all the pictures they would send us, and a weird/nice oddly relaxing night without her.  Shane and I literally got to catch up on shows/talk to each other and really enjoy just being together–so different then our norm 🙂 I went to catch up with them Tuesday afternoon to spend time with my niece and enjoy them playing together which was adorable. I love seeing them get along so well even though they don’t spend as much time as I’m sure they would like, they act like sisters it’s crazy how much they love each other!

Emma and Brielle

Emma explaining things to Brielle

Brielle getting caught sitting on the top of the fire place!

Emma in a box!

  On Wednesday, we met up with my mom’s parents who live in Midland so we don’t get to see them often enough. My brother and his wife and kids came as well from pflugerville area and we all met up in South Austin in the RV resort. Even though their isn’t a lot of room with 10 people in one RV the kids had fun and that’s all that matters! We didn’t stay long since Brielle was showing every sign of wanting to go to sleep and that’s exactly what she did when she hit the carseat lol! Can’t wait to see them again.

Brielle loving their RV

Emma on the treadmill!

  While Shane was working late the next night, Brielle and I headed on over to go watch my niece Rhyleigh play in her band concert and she did so good! It was right before Brielle’s bedtime and she was not really feeling like sitting down and just listening to the music so we definitely got up a few times, and played pass-the-baby with my sister in law! Shane and I are so proud of all that she has accomplished in her 16 years of living, and definitely see such a bright future ahead of her!

Brielle not wanting to have fun haha but Rhyleigh looks cute!

  On Saturday, we went to Rachel’s party and Val’s baby shower (the family I was a nanny for) and it was so much fun, it was a frozen themed party and I invited my best friend Adriane go with me and we had a blast! Brielle had not had a good nap that morning before so she couldn’t entirely hang out (thank goodness Adriane was there so I could enjoy the baby shower part while she walked Brielle around) until 5pm but she tried 🙂

Brielle playing with the toys

Sara, Brielle, and Rachel the birthday girl! (I was there when she was born, can’t believe she’s 5!)

haha sticking her tongue out! 🙂

  Then to end the week off right we spent Sunday morning at my mom’s house and went on a beautiful morning walk while Brielle did great and then took her little morning nap while I watched the thrive mom’s retreat which was amazing to see other mom’s speak of God and going through struggles with their children as well!  Then we picked up lunch and headed on to Seguin to see David and Pop! Brielle loves cat’s right now so she was definitely in cat heaven over there (I think they have 4).  It was such a happy and relaxing week I was so glad my mom and mike were able to go to Seguin as well and Shane drove up from Yoakum it was so great to talk about the past and see how well David is going right now. We have been doing monthly meet-ups over there and I have never felt closer to them.

Brielle not wanting to sleep-she thought it was hilarious

 Hope you all had an amazing Cindo De Mayo this past Monday enjoy the rest of the week 🙂

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