Easter 2014

  Easter this year was so much more meaningful with Brielle being added to the family.  We love including Brielle in yet another “first”.  I love that Easter is celebrating of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and even though Brielle is not old enough to understand what she is being taught, just involving her in the Church, definitely makes our hearts so full.
  This Easter we celebrated with Shane’s side of the family here in Yoakum, and had SO much fun!! We haven’t seen all of his Aunts and Uncles in so long, and Brielle meeting all of them for the first time made the weekend the best one in a while! It was so cute because she is now 10 months old and really interested in new things and learning how everything works means she definitely LOVED this holiday (the first one she really was into).  From searching the eggs, to opening them and seeing what was inside each one, to eating what was inside made for one HYPER, funny, no-nap taking baby girl! (She usually takes two a day so that was definitely surprising).
  Brielle also interacts with children differently, and learning how to play with other kids (older and younger), and learned that she definitely does not like when mom and dad hold another child, lol! Learning how to share, and practice patience is not exactly her strong suit, but she is working on it and will get there soon (hopefully)!  The food was amazing and the desserts just added to all of the goodness! I can admit that we took a plate home for the next day from the leftovers (still so delicious).  I can’t wait to get together with everyone again, and share God’s love and grace among family. We hope everyone had a great Easter as well!
  Here are some cute pictures from the weekend!

Showing Mommy her treasures!

morning before festivities!

Looking at all of her eggs 🙂

looking for Eggs
Egg hunting with Daddy

Brielle on top of the hay with her cousin Pariss

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