Why Not You?

  During the conference where I attended a couple of weeks ago and saw Jillian Michaels speak; what really resonated with me was her topics on health, happiness, and success.  She asked the audience to raise their hand if they could really give her an answer on all three of those topics and feel truly successful in each one of them.  Well, needless to say that only one person raised their hand–in about a 1000 seat audience so that truly did amaze me.  Then she said asked all of us “Why not you?”, It felt like she was talking directly to me and I loved every single moment of it.
  Let’s start out by saying that each one of us deserves to have all of the above.  Jillian stated that “so many of us give everything to everyone else and give very little to ourselves”.  That phrase describes me and my life so much.   I feel that it’s very important to give to others and do as much as you can possibly to help people–but she’s right, we need to give at least the same amount of time and energy that we do for others into our self.  And no, it’s not selfish to spend a little “me” time doing what you love and what makes you happy every now and then.
  I could definitely improve on my health by far, if you looked at all the lab results you would think that I am a healthy average 25 year old.  Well I have a long way to go and I want to lead and be the example for Brielle and any future children we have.  I definitely have in mind that after we are completely done having kids, I will finally get my body back to what I want.  It will take time, but I will get there!
  I am completely happy with God and my relationship with Him, my amazing husband and family, and my friends that have remained so close to me over the years.  I would be the one to tell anyone that my happiness cup is full and remains full 99% of the time.  Shane has taught me over the years to let go of things that I cannot control and really enjoy the moment that I am in, and with a lot of practice I have become much better at doing just that.
  Success is something I spoke about (here), where I explain how I measure success and how there can really be so many different meanings of the word to each and every person.  This is the area that I feel like has the potential for the most growth.  Right now I am focusing on growing my career and doing something that may take me out of my comfort zone, and also on all the new and different things Brielle is learning and doing in her life and wanting her to be as successful at it as possible.  (I seriously can’t believe she will start walking soon on her own–she has definitely mastered the walker!)
  I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I know that I will continue to work on my health, happiness, and success each and every day!

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