Spring Is In The Air!

I unfortunately had to work this past weekend when our gorgeous daughter had her photo shoot with Laura Morsman, (you can find her website here), and we decided to do the spring mini session for $40 which is probably the best money that we have ever spent! She did GREAT with my mom and Shane in the background, and I was definitely excited that I switched shifts so that I could go to Church and be home with my family on Sunday.  More on the photo shoot–it was outdoors, which as you can tell, is Brielle’s favorite place in the world to be.  It wasn’t that pretty of a day, but right around 1:20pm it ended up being perfect.  I can’t wait to show all of you her pictures and we will definitely be a future customer! Thanks again Ruthie (you can find her here) for the reference on your fb!

○Best time to take photos of your children is before/after their nap time. Do Not schedule it during that time!









Happy Spring everyone!!

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