Brielle is 10 months!

Seriously, where in the world has 10 months gone?? She is SO cute this month and like I say, every month gets better and better!! Her personality is hilarious and she definitely let’s people know if she likes them or not pretty quickly, she doesn’t go to everyone anymore! (especially my brother! haha)

Height: 29 inches

Weight: 19 pounds 2 ounces

-She still LOVES food, and is not picky at ALL! She will try anything and everything, and will definitely let us know if she likes it or not!  She eats all finger foods and no baby food anymore!   Her latest eats are chicken nuggets, spicy foods (she actually loves it, surprisingly!),desserts.
-Her wubbanub still takes top priority with her during her nap times and bed time. (good thing she is TWO now-one at my moms, one over here!)
-Still Playing with puzzles (taking every piece out). Has not gotten the concept of putting pieces of the puzzle back in the board.
-Loves to walk around the couches and finding everyone.
-When we say “I’m going to get you!”, she crawls SOO fast wanting you to chase her!
-Loud music and dancing to it

-Waiting and praying that one day she will enjoy car rides! Kind of makes me think she might have the car sickness like her daddy!
-When she is determined doing something (throwing food off of tray, clearing things off of table top) and we say no. (she still arches her back and falls backwards!)

Teeth: 5 teeth! They are still bothering her, so more might be coming in!

Signing-More (she claps and I think she means more), All done (sometimes), dog–She has decreased her signs but understands the word that we are telling her, so hopefully she will start signing more soon!
Words- Mama, Dada, Baby, All done, Pa-Pa, Nanny(for her Nana), Stop, No-no-no-no (says it just likes us, so cute!),
Understanding- “Give it to me”, “High Five”, “Come here”, “Where’s Daddy/Mama”, “Pet the dog or the cat”, “Time to eat”, and A LOT more things, just can’t quite think of it all, she definitely understands a lot more then we may think she does!

Playing at the park going “weeee”

A little blurry but that’s because she is an active child! 😉

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