Week In Review

  This week being back home and not having to work in Austin has been amazingggg, to say the least.  Even though I had to work this past weekend at the nursing home, it gave Shane time to spend by himself with Brielle, which is always good!
  We have been battling nasal congestion, mild fevers, and runny noses in our household but I wouldn’t change anything!  Whenever Brielle gets to not feeling like herself, she gets SUPER cuddly, which we love. So there was a lot of hugs and kisses this week and once or twice we actually fell asleep with her which hasn’t happened in so long.
  We always knew Brielle loved being outside, but lately literally she wants to go outside everyday and play in the grass and pull weeds, play with dirt, try to eat grass, etc.  She was that baby that would calm down every single time you stepped outside with her, so we knew eventually she would love it as she got bigger and experienced new things, it’s so cute!
  On Monday, I babysit my nephew so my niece can go to college, he is 3 1/2 and Brielle absolutely loves being around him and learning why he does what he does.  She is around a lot of kids in our family but having one on one time with him every Monday is special and I really hope they grow up and have a close relationship.
  Fishing has been a big part in our relationship since the beginning because it so happens to be one of Shane’s favorite hobbies, so we couldn’t wait until the perfect time to take Brielle out fishing with us.  Well today was the day, and she LOVED it, she even touched a small fish which is way more then I will still do we can’t wait to get her a matching pink light up pole like mine! (yes, they do make adult light up poles and I love mine!)
Things we have coming up this week:
-Brielle’s 9 month check-up tomorrow (thank goodness, NO shots this time!!)
-I have Corporate training
-Going to Seguin to go see my family
-The I heart Radio concert in Austin
-Family Gathering

Going to be a busy week, can’t wait!
Here are some pictures from this week of our little cutie:

Loving to pull grass out!

Brielle touching Rae’Sean’s head

Can’t believe she touched a fish!

Maddie, Toby, Brielle

Daddy, daughter time!

Standing by herself, yay!!!

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