Brielle turns 9 months!!

 Wow, I can’t believe baby girl is 9 months!! I swear, time is seriously flying by and I am loving every.single.moment.  Our baby girl is seriously into everything and we are LOVING how attentive she is, and how she is so into learning everything! I am going to do a little update on our precious baby!!

Height: 28 1/2 inches

Weight: 18 pounds 10 oz.

-She still LOVES food, she has grown to love just about anything I put on her plate.  She is eating mostly ALL finger foods and very little baby food anymore.  Baby girl is growing up SO fast!! Her latest eats are organic mac and cheese, eggs, zucchini, mango.  She still loves her mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (especially sweet potato bites with a little bit of cinnamon).
-Her wubbanub still takes top priority with her during her nap times and bed time.
-Playing with puzzles (taking every piece out).
-Animals (loves any animal–cats,dogs,horses,cows, etc. we live in the country so she definitely sees a variety!)
-Talking very loudly (she gets excited a LOT -so cute!)

-Car rides are still not her favorite but she is getting so MUCH better at them!
-Taking things away
-Strangers (she still takes a while to get to open up to people she doesn’t see often)
-Stopping her from getting something that she REALLY wants- (she still throws her back and head back which have not always been on carpet or somewhere safe)

Teeth: 2 glorious teeth but 3 coming in (two top middle and one to the right of her bottom tooth)-let’s just say this weeks nap schedule has been a little thrown off due to teething.

Signing-More (she claps and I think she means more), All done (sometimes), Milk
Words- Mama, Dada, Baby, All done, Pa-Pa

She is definitely learning so much so quickly and going to take her first steps soon!! She can balance by herself for 10+ seconds.  I cannot wait to see what she will be like next month!
Here are some adorable pictures of our baby girl :

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