This past week has been full of anticipation.  My brother and his wife were  expecting their second baby (this time a boy), to arrive anytime this week on his own since she had her 40 week check-up on Tuesday Feb. 25th. Well little did they know that her body was not ready to push this baby out soon!
  The plan was to keep my niece at my moms house until the baby had come so we can go take her to see her baby brother! So we went to pick up Emma the next day so that they could go into the hospital to start this labor going! (first they had to thin her cervix overnight Wednesday).
 While at my moms house we had a BLAST with Brielle and Emma. Seriously my niece is such a great helper with Bri and definitely hates when she gets upset(so cute, she tries to bring everything to her to soothe her.) They literally played together, ate together, and napped together (well in separate rooms) but it was so fun to see them get along so well and interact with each other! (sorry for the blurriness-they don’t sit still very often!)
  That next morning I got the girls up and ready in case we were going to get a call at any minute saying baby Aiden made his arrival! So we waited, and waited, and waited… Well nothing happened all day (my sis in-law did eventually fully dilate around 9-10pm) and since I knew Aiden would be making his arrival soon,  I wanted to surprise them and bring emma up to the hospital for them to spend one last time together as a family of three!!  It was so cute and special and emma was so happy to be there . We left the hospital at 10:45pm and heading back to my moms knowing the next time we would go we would finally get to meet baby A!!  Little did Nathan and tiffany know,  exactly an hour after we left, Aiden made his arrival at 11:45 pm on 2/26/14 at a whopping 10 lb 3 ounces and 22 inches long!  All the anticipation was worth the wait and I definitely can’t wait to see him grow into such a handsome young man!!  I love being an aunt 🙂 Congratulations Nathan, Tiffany, and Emma on now being a family of 4!!

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