Brielle- 8 Months/First Valentine’s Day

Today it amazes me that our baby girl turned 8 months!! Where has all the time gone?? We have been savoring these precious moments because before we know it, she will be turning 1!! She is in such a fun stage now (I think it gets better and better every month), I can’t wait to see how much she develops in these next months!

28 inches

17 pounds 15 ounces.

-She LOVES food, I mean anytime anyone is eating around her, she just wants to try it and most of the time she likes it.  Her new favorites are vanilla yogurt, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cheerios, spaghetti noodles- mostly everything is still baby food consistency and she loves homemade food I try to stick with organic most of the time but baby jar food is ok when we are out and about.
-Looking at herself in anything (mirrors, pictures, my tablet)
– Her wubbanub (pacifier with a stuffed animal) and her daytime naps.
-Peeking around the corner when she crawls and finds who she is looking for.
-She has grown to love her walker, she can really walk from one room of the house to the complete opposite ( I can’t believe she going to be WALKING soon, just blows my mind.)
-Pulling all of the pieces of the puzzle out (she hasn’t quite gotten that they go back in the puzzle board yet.)
-Making loud noises.
-Bath time.
-The song Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Dislikes :
-Going to bed at night (she still cries for a few minutes unless she is really tired and goes straight to sleep.)
-Missing nap times.
-When you take away something she really wants (She will throw a fit!)
-Long car rides (getting better though!)

Teeth: 2 (bottom middle teeth, even though I really do think more are coming soon-she is starting to stick her fingers and everything else in her mouth to chew on again! )

Language:Signing and One and two syllable words
Signing: Milk, more (almost!), and all done
-Boon (trying to say balloon-haha)
-All Done

Since this holiday was another first for Brielle, we decided to take cute pictures and go out to breakfast and get her a balloon which she LOVES. We hope everyone has a great Valentine’s day and love from our family to yours!

Here is some cute pictures to leave you with 🙂








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