First blog post!

Wow this has been a long time coming,  so I’m brand new to this blogging world!! I would like to introduce myself!  I am a 25 year old, married to the greatest man who I met when I was 16, and we have two children-one named Lamar Grant Johnson born 7/14/12 weighing just one pound who we lost when I was 23 weeks and 6 days pregnant and one named Brielle Diane Johnson who was born 6/14/13 weighing 8 pounds and 20.5 inches.  (wow that was a lot about me in just a few short sentences!!) 

 I graduated RN school 12/12/12 and that was such a dream come true and I am very proud of that accomplishment!!  I currently work two part time Jobs, one in pediatric home health in Austin,  TX and one in the Nursing home that I have been with for three years as a treatment nurse on the weekends. Both of which I enjoy very much and I can’t  wait to see which other jobs are ahead in my future! 

I attend St.  James Baptist church in my small town of yoakum,  TX which I love very much! I believe the Lord has blessed me and my family in every aaspect of our lives and I am very excited for our future to see the many blessings that come our way. I gave myself to the Lord a little over two years ago and that was the best decision I have ever made.  My husband,  Shane has always been a devoted Christian and took me to church several times until I finally decided to join the church and he has always been my biggest supporter throughout each decision in my life. 

We have 3 animals – two dogs and one cat.  Our cat is named Oscar and we adopted him three years ago when I started working at the nursing home.  Just before Oscar we adopted our lab/blue heeler mix maddie which is definitely the most hyper dog we have ever seen. Our last pet is our chocolate lab Toby who is two years old and is so kind and loving.  Brielle definitely loves each and every pet and they all love her so much as well!  

I hope this blog isn’t too long and that you continue to follow me and my family throughout this crazy,  exciting,  eventful life!  🙂 

Here is a little bit of my life 

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